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Benefits of Variodeck

Variodeck pool covers offer many advantages. Variodeck’s slats are made of polycarbonate, so the pool cover is well-protected against heat and other extreme weather conditions such as snow or strong winds. Also, the slats are not susceptible to wear and tear and have a long life. The easy-to-operate and noiseless cover is well suited for the intensive use of your pool and have a long life.

The good insulation layer of our cover provides energy savings of up to almost seventy percent! This is not only better for the environment but also makes considerable savings in operating costs. It is not the case that only outdoor pools lose a lot of heat; indoor pools also incur considerable costs. A Variodeck cover reduces evaporation to a minimum. A Variodeck cover also keeps the swimming water clean for longer and the area around the pool is safe for children.

Pool covers offer many advantages.

The capping system offers many advantages and compared to other capping systems include;

– The slats are more impact resistant (so no pits and cracks after a hail storm for example);
– The cover is stable;
– The Variodeck pool cover has a longer lifespan;
– Our cover fits every axis, so replacement is possible;
– The cover has a higher insulating effect. The water in the pool cools down less quickly, which in turn saves you energy costs.
– The slats are easy to keep clean.

Would you like to know more about the advantages of a swimming pool cover? Then let our Account Managers inform you without obligation.