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Benefits of Variodeck

The pool covers of Variodeck offers many benefits. Variodeck’s pool covering system is made of polycarbonate which makes it intended to heat and extreme weather circumstances. The pool covers are not sensitive for wear and have a long service life. The easy to use pool cover is suitable for intensive use of your swimming pool. 


Why do you have to choose a pool cover of Variodeck for your swimming pool? The reason is simple. The system offers many benefits and is in relation to other covering systems;

  • More stable;
  • Has a longer service life;
  • Fits on each axle, so replacement is possible;
  • Is easy to clean;
  • Impact strength

With a Variodeck cover system, you will save on energy bills and you contribute to a cleaner environment on a global scale by reducing CO2 emissions. Besides those advantages it saves on your operating costs, you will have a return on investment within a few years. Our own calculation model will show you the payback period of your Variodeck system as well as your energy savings after installation.