Pool cover installed in Amiens in one day

Our installation team has been busy in Amiens, France, installing a pool cover in just one day. This assignment has been won by our office in France. Thanks to the good cooperation between all teams, the installation went smoothly and the job was done. Within the ranks of Variodeck we call this a ‘plug & play’ operation.

On the photos you get an impression of the work we did. The pool cover has a size of 50 x 25 meters and is placed in the outdoor swimming pool of this complex.

Movable floors and hinged wall

In the same swimming pool, Variopool will be busy with the installation of a movable floor with measures 24.5 x 11 meter with a flap and a hinged wall which measures 16 x 0.5 x 2.3 meter. Inside this complex is another swimming pool in which we also install a movable floor of 16 x 8.9 meter in size.