The Hydrodoor provides energy savings, because swimming pools have both an indoor and an outdoor pool and that they are connected to each other. A lot of energy is lost here. The cold air from outside ensures that the indoor pool also cools down. Logically, this ensures more energy costs.

Hydrodoor solutions saves energy in your swimmingpool

Variodeck offers a solution for this, namely the Hydrodoor. This is a closing system that closes the passage from the indoor pool to the outdoor swimming pool during the hours that the pool is closed. The system closes the passage and ensures that the cold air outside is actually outside and keeps unwanted visitors outside the door. The barrier has been developed in such a way that the water flow of the swimming pool remains optimal.

Also for open slides that are outside, this system is a godsend. A lot of heat is lost through the exit of the slide. In combination with a pool cover, energy costs will be significantly reduced. Watch more of our projects.