Prefab cassette system

Variodeck works with various systems to cover swimming pools safely and effectively. One of the newest Variodeck cover systems is our patented cassette system. The installation time is short, it is easy to maintain and the installation process is unique in its efficiency. As soon as all swimmers have left the pool, you can cover the swimming pool with the push of a button. This doesn’t just save you time, it’s also much safer for children playing unsupervised in the pool area. The cassette system is suitable for use with all pool shapes. Big, small, round, square and everything in between; we have a custom solution for every swimming pool.

Cassette system is suitable for all pool shapes

The cassette system is delivered as a complete unit. 90% of the installation has already been completed at the factory. Sounds great, right? We think so; less construction required during installation means fewer issues. This means very little planning is required to accommodate the installation process. No, the installation process does not take long. The installation is complete in a maximum of two business days. We do need some time beforehand to manufacture the cassette and run tests to ensure that the installation process will go smoothly and efficiently. A true PREFAB product!

Yes, the system can be used for all types of pools. The cassette was recently used in Stavanger, Norway for a swimming pool with a unique, rounded form. The cassette was installed in the middle of the pool and the cover expands as two half-circles over the swimming pool. This was a custom project that focused on the client’s wishes; more information about this project can be found here.

Advantages of our prefab system

What benefits are unique to this system that sets it apart from other covering systems? Let us sum it up for you;

– Fully automated controls. Just push the button and watch the system cover your pool
– Easy to clean
– Higher tolerance with the cassette’s adjustment options
– A PREFAB concept with an impressively short installation period
– Thoroughly tested and assembled in our factory
– Custom made, the client’s wishes are central

Variodeck is a subsidiary of Variopool.