Built-in system from Variodeck

A built-in system is an ideal solution that is both functional and beautiful. Neatly concealed, giving the lifeguard a good view of the pool. It is also no problem to meet the FINA requirements for a competition or Olympic swimming pools with this system. The line brackets or hooks can also be mounted on the system to confirm the race lines.

The benefit of a Variodeck built-in system

The terrace competition system is a fully automatic, reliable and safe built-in system that is partially integrated (submerged) into a swimming pool. The VCS TC system is built into a shallow recess on one side of the pool with the roll submerged in the water (about 1 meter below water level), the terrace part protrudes approximately by 300 mm above the water surface. Another advantage of this specific system: easy access to the main components of the roll system. In case of maintenance and repairs are needed.

Movable lid system

Our movable lid system is an integrated system for an architectural niche on the swimming pool floor. Over the length of the recess, an automatic lid will open or close the opening for the slats when they need to be rolled or unrolled. Depending on the length of a niche, several roller tubes with console plates are linked together. The roller tubes are driven by one or two motors, depending on the size of the pool. With the aid of a watertight wall duct, an axle links the roller tube to the motor, which is located in an adjacent motor well or technical room.

Also, check out our built-up system or the choice for different types of material for existing swimming pools.

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