Pool cover material for your pool

It is possible to choose for different pool cover material. We will be happy to answer all your questions on a system as well as for which cover material to choose. The right pool cover is important for a good insulation to save energy. Cover material such as foam and slats each have their own advantages. We recognize various materials in the pool cover slats

Pool cover made from Polycarbonate (solar) slats

Our polycarbonate slats are made from the highest quality polycarbonate. The standard color of our PC slats is our eco-friendly Variodeck green. We offer the possibility for solar slats that use sunlight to heat the pool. These slats are green with a black profile at the bottom of the slats. The black bottom in combination with the hollow chambers provides better insulation.

Polyvinyl chloride slats

Our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is made from the highest quality polyvinyl chloride. The slats consist of three hollow chambers filled with air, which provides a strong buoyancy. The end caps, which are ultrasonically welded, make the slats water-resistant and highly insulating. The standard color is white, it is possible to request other colors.

Covrex slats have a high insulating capacity

The Covrex slats are made of PVC with a polyurethane foam filling. If compared with standard PVC slats, this has several advantages: a small roll-up diameter, hail-resistant, and a higher insulating capacity.

Foam cover for manual roll-up systems

Foam cover in 6mm or 8mm from an insulating layer on your pool. The sail leaves no sunlight and this significantly reduces algae growth.

See also our covering systems, built-up system or a built-in system. Looking for a complete swimming pool interior? Visit the website of our colleagues from Varioplay.