Built-up system from Variodeck

Variodeck offers an ideal system for existing pools with minimal adjustment to your pool. The built-up system is an aluminum housing in combination with two vinyl-ester end caps.  The finish protects the slats and the motor against all weather conditions. By choosing a mobile bench system, your pool cover is also an extension of your platform.

The built-up system is a fully automated cover that is mounted on the edge or terrace of a swimming pool. The engine, roller tube, and slats are mounted in a durable aluminum housing with two vinyl-ester end caps. Again this finish protects all components of the system against all weather conditions to prevent dirt from entering through the openings.

The built-up system is ideal for your swimming pool

The built-up systems are often in sight of the lifeguards, which is why we have also developed a ceiling, column, and mobile system. With these systems, the lifeguard still has a good view over the pool. The system is accessible and easy to maintain or repair when necessary. An ideal and multifunctional solution for your swimming pool cover is a mobile bench system for your swimming pool. This system moves over your terrace by rails. During the day the system could be used as a bench for visitors to lean back and enjoy the sun. This is the solution to save energy on your bath with a comfortable solution for your visitors.

With a limited space in the complex, it is also possible to choose for a column or ceiling system for your pool cover. These systems do not stand in the way and you lose no space or view. See also our possibilities for a built-in system or the choice for different types of material for your swimming pool cover.

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